"Terms and conditions of participation including the privacy policy of the waterdrop® microtea campaign
("Terms and Conditions of Participation")

I. Organizer & Period

The microtea promotion campaign from waterdrop® (hereinafter "the promotion campaign") is being organised by waterdrop® Microdrink GmbH, Laimgrubengasse 14, 1060 Vienna, ("waterdrop® " or the "organizer") in the period from 18.10.2020 (5pm) - 25.10.2020 (11pm).

II. Eligibility & Procedure

Natural persons resident in the EU who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to participate. Employees and executives of the organizer and its licensees, advertising, promotion, production agencies or suppliers organizing the promotion are not eligible to participate.

The organizer reserves the right to verify the email address provided by the entrant at any time and to request proof of age at its sole discretion. Registrations with an invalid email address or false information regarding the age or place of residence of the participant will be considered ineligible.

III. Procedure of the promotion campaign and prizes

Participation in the promotion campaign is possible online on the site https://eu.waterdrop.com/microtea-eu). Here the participant can participate online by providing personal data (email address, in case of winning also: first name, surname and postal address for sending the prize).

The promotion campaign criteria are as follows: After providing their email addresses, participants will receive access to a personal link that can be forwarded to other users. The online tool automatically determines whether the addressee has opened the link in the same way and has also deposited his or her email address on https://eu.waterdrop.com/microtea-eu. The person who has been invited must also confirm the email from the organizer and the conditions of participation mentioned therein to appear on the participant's points account. If this is the case, the original sender will receive a point in his account. The graduation of the prizes is as follows: 

Participant RankPrizeValue 
All participants1 waterdrop® microtea 12-pack (including a total of 12 microteas) €7.90 (set) 
Top 51-100 1 waterdrop® Tumbler Set Small (including one tea tumbler (400ml) and 12 microteas) and free shipping
33.90 (set) + €5.90 (shipping)
Top 11-501 waterdrop® Tumbler Set Explorer (including one tea tumbler (400ml) and 36 microteas) and free shipping
€46.90 (set) + €5.90 (shipping)
Top 1-101 waterdrop® Ceremony Set (content to be revealed soon) and free shipping
€64.90 (set) + €5.90 (shipping)

At the end of the promotion, the final rank of the participant will be used to determine who is going to win one of our prizes (the rank is determined by the points from the participant and the order of registration. Example: as participants have the same number of points, a previous campaign sign-up will rank them higher).

In addition to these rewards and the order of a 12-Pack, participants are able to get a discount by collecting up to 6 points (= 6 successful, verified referrals):

- For one point (=one successful, verified referral), participants will get a 10% discount on one order and is valid from €25.
- For two points (=two successful, verified referral), participants will get a 12% discount on one order and is valid from €25.
- For three points (=three successful, verified referral), participants will get a 14% discount on one order and is valid from €25.
- For four points (=four successful, verified referral), participants will get a 16% discount on one order and is valid from €25.
- For five points (=five successful, verified referral), participants will get a 18% discount on one order and is valid from €25.
- For six points (=six successful, verified referral), participants will get a 20% discount on one order and is valid from €25.

In addition to the order of a 12-Pack and the discount (excluding €5.90 shipping - free shipping on all orders above €25) only one prize per participant is possible - multiple registrations are not possible.

Discounts codes as well as the code for the free 12-pack are valid only for 48 hours after the official club launch on the 27.10.2020. 

Only one registration per IP address is possible, unless the organizer decides at his own discretion to release the respective IP address for several users.

The promotion campaign as well as the selection of prizes will be carried out at the sole discretion of the organizer. The organizer's decisions on all aspects of the promotion are final.

The organizer reserves the right to stop the promotion at any time. In this case there is no legal claim to any prize.

All email addresses of participants will be checked for accuracy and authenticity after the end of the promotion. The organizer reserves the right to refuse the prize if one or more points of these conditions of participation are violated.

After the end of the promotion, participants will be informed about their prize in a timely manner via email and will receive a coupon code for their respective prize. The participants confirm their prize by entering their address in the online shop. All prizes will be sent to the postal addresses provided by the participants.

To the extent permitted by law, all prizes are awarded without any guarantee of any kind, either express or implied (in particular, no implied guarantee of satisfactory quality or suitability for a particular purpose). The participant is solely responsible for any federal, state or local taxes/duties, including sales taxes, that may be applicable to the receipt or use of prizes.

There is no possibility to exchange the respective prizes for cash. The prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable. The images of the prizes are sample images and may differ from the actual prize.

IV. Liability

According to the applicable law, the organizer is only liable:

a) for damage resulting from injury to life and/or health
b) for intent and gross negligence if the participant is an entrepreneur; liability for gross or slight negligence towards entrepreneurs is only accepted if the damage is atypical or completely unforeseeable;
c) in the case of intent and gross negligence if the participant is a consumer within the meaning of the applicable Consumer Protection Act; liability for slight negligence towards consumers shall only apply if the damage is atypical or completely unforeseeable; and/or
d) (where applicable) in the event of violations by the organizer of the statutory provisions regarding product liability.

The organizer excludes all liability to any business entity for loss of income, loss of profits, loss of goodwill, loss of data, loss of business opportunities (both direct and indirect) and any indirect or consequential loss or damage suffered by the participant in connection with his/her participation in the Promotion. The organizer shall not be liable in any event of force majeure or for any damage caused by errors, delays or interruptions in the transmission of data, malfunctions of technical equipment and services, incorrect content, loss or deletion of data, viruses or any other damage that may occur in connection with participation in the promotion.

V. Privacy policy

By participating in the promotion, all participants agree that their personal data (first name, surname, email address, postal address) may be processed and used for the purposes of carrying out the promotion and sending information about the organizer's products.

All personal data provided by the participant will only be collected, processed and used within the scope of the applicable data protection laws and only for purposes that arise from the law or for which the participant has expressly given his/her consent. The participant agrees that this personal data may be passed on to KickoffLabs LLC., the service provider commissioned by the organizer for the purpose of carrying out the promotion.

By participating in this promotion, the participant agrees that the organizer may send the participant information about the organizer's products to the e-mail address provided by the participant. We use the data provided for informations and consulting on our products. This includes sending offers, product news and invitations by email.

The participant can revoke his or her consent at any time by sending an email to info@waterdrop.com. The revocation results in the simultaneous waiver of further participation in the promotion.

The participant has the right to request the correction, updating and/or partial or total deletion of his/her personal data at any time by email to info@waterdrop.com. The organizer will ensure that the data is deleted immediately upon request, unless the use of the data is necessary to fulfill the promotion or is otherwise required by law.

The participant also has the right to obtain information at any time regarding the personal data held by the organizer.

VI. Final provisions

The law of the Republic of Austria is applicable. Should any of these conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation remains unaffected. Waterdrop® may change, suspend or terminate the promotion at any time, to the extent necessary due to circumstances beyond its control or to ensure proper performance of the promotion. There is no right of appeal.

For organisational reasons, no correspondence about the promotion can be conducted.

By registering, the participant agrees to these conditions of participation. The organizer reserves the right to adapt, amend or replace these conditions of participation with new conditions at any time.

Thanks for your interest in waterdrop®!